Sunday, October 16, 2011

What it means to have a Dominican friend

A friend will ask you how you are

A Dominican friend will tell you you look good, will hug you and give you a kiss.

A friend sends you flowers and a card when you are in hospital

A Dominican friend will sleep on a chair at your side

A friend will ask to borrow something and will give it back 2 days later

A Dominican friend will ask to borrow something and after a week will forget it was yours

A friend will offer you the sofa to sleep on

A Dominican friend will give you his bed, he will sleep on the floor and not let you sleep but spend the whole night talking to you

A friend will know a few things about you

A Dominican friend will be able to write a book with all the things he knows about you

A friend will give you a paracetomal when you are hungover

A Dominican friend will make you chicken soup, and give you his grandmother's cures, and will make sure you drink the soup, even hand feeding you.

A friend will knock on your door, waiting for you to open it

A Dominican friend will open the door, walk in and then say I am here

A friend will ask you to make them coffee

A Dominican friend will go into the kitchen, make the coffee and go next door to ask a neighbour for sugar if you have none


  1. Hi, Lindsay

    I had read your blog, and I'm so identify with everything, dominic family, neighbors, hello and good bye oh! you miss one, Abur! which means adios but when someone is angry and you nicely say hello o adios the answer is abur.

    My husband is a "gringo" and we have several conversation about the difference in the culture.

    Nos vemos orita! :)

    1. Hi Carolina - so you are like me but the other way round! I had not heard of abur - I will try it sometime!