Monday, February 1, 2016

A successful launch

Danilo's launch as candidate for mayor for Guayacanes with his new party, the PRL went well. Apparently there were over 3,000 people there which is almost everyone who lives in the municipality.

He was even emblazed across women's chests.

And Bavarotty sang.

He actually does sing opera - well sort of opera, but I don't think Pavarotti has anything to worry about. I don't have a video of him at the launch but here he is along with the obligatory female boobs and buttock shaking and him crotch clutching. If it doesn't work embedded you can watch him here.

The latest polls give Danilo over 80% so if he can keep it up he may even win and while he is away being famous, I stay at home and look after the animals. Well, I don't do a particularly good job as I seem to lose a few chickens each time he is away. This time one of the neighbour's fighting cockerels escaped and got into our back garden and fought with our nice tame cockerel. This happened at around 6.30 in the morning so I ran outside and yelled for the neighbour to come and get his rooster, which he did. He also picked up our rooster and tried to hand it to me covered in blood. I don't do holding roosters and especially not when covered in blood. Also I have no idea how to cure them, so I told him to keep hold of it and make it better. He first said it was dying, then it was fine, just appeared to have lost its eyes. In the event he had lost only one eye and recovered.

Apart from that little incident it was actually quite a quiet time, and Danilo came back for a while to do the jobs which needed doing such as to fix the water pump (he had to call a man to fix it) and mend the fence so the puppies could not escape (puppies took 5 minutes to escape again).

I also had an American visitor who came for a couple of days which was lovely, and she came laden down with dried mushrooms, Indian spices and dog treats and toys.

The blog is now being translated into Spanish a couple of days after the English version has been posted so if you want to read it in Spanish you can do so here. The same person who translates the blog is also translating the book into Spanish which is very exciting, and really wierd to read it in Spanish. One chapter done so far and ten to go.

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