Saturday, September 30, 2017

And it's twins!

Another busy few weeks which kicked off with yet another hurricane, this time Maria. It took a similar course to Irma passing north of the DR but was closer to the north and east shores so they took a hammering. Also Maria was  much slower so the rain lasted longer.

Other Caribbean islands were not so lucky and those affected by Irma had no time to gather breath before Maria smashed into them, and some will take years to recover. Our neighbouring island Puerto Rico was particularly badly hit along with the Virgin Isles, Dominica and St. Martin.

Here on the mountain it was windy and rainy but not as bad as Irma.

The weekend after Maria I was expecting a visit from two British/American ladies - mother and daughter - who had read my books and were here in the centre of the country teaching English for a few months. They  wanted to see the books come to life so came up to visit from Saturday to Monday and having gone out to see the Moncion dam on Sunday morning, we got back to the news that Oregano the pregnant white goat had given birth to twins. We charged down the field and there they were - perfect.

They could stand up, they were all furry and to die for. The only problem was they would walk a little way then lie down and sleep and Oregano would go looking for them, but they sleep so soundly they wouldn't hear, so we had to trek all over the fields looking for them.

Here are my visitors, Harriet and then Bahama with one of the goats.

Someone, I think it was Chivirico who was here, said they were both males so we were trying to think of names until we discovered it was a girl and a boy. So the boy is Harry, after Harriet and the girl is Bahama.

Here they are in their house.

It was obvious we would need another house as Oregano wouldn't let Picante or Maggi into the house, so Danilo built one, using wood from the hen house which had previously been the balcony.

And now they are nearly a week old, running and jumping and are so cute. I will leave you with Harry who has taken to sleeping in the bran bowl (I wondered where my washing up bowl had gone) so no one can eat.

Next stage is to learn how to milk a goat so I can make goat's cheese. That should be fun - not!


  1. Lucky you've missed hurricane Maria. The goats are so cute, good luck with them.