Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dominican gardens part 2

Oh the shame! I posted this lovely picture of the flowers in my garden and had all sorts of nice comments, apart from one friend, Tracy, who said they looked plastic.

Talking to Danilo the following morning, I told him what she had said, and I said "What idiot would put plastic flowers in a tree?" His reply - "I am that idiot. They are plastic." I had no idea, so apologies to you all for me misleading you. No tulips here.

The next day he called me into the garden. "Look," he said. "Plastic neesk." A 'neesk' is a snake in Danilo speak. Everything with an 's' at the beginning still has the 's' in the word - just in the wrong place.
There on the ground was this shiny, 5 foot long turquoise greeeny blue neesk. It was gorgeous.

"Is that plastic too?" I asked. He replied "Of course." I bent over to touch it and started to pick it up. The sneaky neesk wasn't plastic at all. It slithered off rapidly. He found it hilarious. I came close to a heart attack.

His gardening efforts continue. We have a lovely lawn, and I spotted him digging it up yesterday. Apparently you cannot walk across a lawn to the barbecue, you need a path.

Then to make it look like England, according to him, you cover it with rocks. He says that is what they do in England.

The most interesting crazy paving I have ever seen and I am convinced will cause a series of broken ankles.
Then the grass you took up you could lay somewhere else which needs grass, if you took it up in nice sods.

Or if you dug it up with a pick axe you will just end up with piles like this!

Hey ho.

I have a friend, the same Tracy of plastic flowers comment, coming here from the United States on Saturday. She is not overly keen on snakes, tarantulas, scorpions and other creepy crawlies, all of which we have here, so I am going to put a sign up at the gate for her.

Next blog should be nice as Meg the dog due to give birth any minute. Here's hoping it all goes well.


  1. I'm with Tracy about her dislikes. :)

  2. I thought they were real flowers, and was about to ask you how you and Danilo got tulips bulbs to flower here in DR, lol! Great job on the garden, it is looking very nice!


  3. A lot of work going into the garden. I would have a heart attack if I had come across that snake, I don't think I would have attempted to touch it even if it was plastic... I'm with you, those huge boulders will break someone a leg!

    1. He has now made patio and seating area in the same way. No woman can come here wearing heels!

  4. Should put recycled petroleum before putting rocks as now grass will grow and I will be very difficult to trim ! YES, I agree, it looks like a hazardous trip to the BBQ and imagining the way back after Dominican & British drinking party !! I think they will use that green mile regardless of the path !!! wanna bet ?

    1. Good idea re petroleum Olga - bit late now though!