Saturday, June 7, 2014

Nothing is ever easy

I remember having some American friends here in the DR and we would meet for a meal or a drink but she would always have to rush home at 9 pm to watch “her programme” which was Grey's Anatomy or some other show. I don’t really watch television here very much, never have done, as when I was in the UK and it was a sunny day I would always think I should be outside taking advantage of it rather than inside watching the TV. Of course here it is almost always sunny but I can’t get that thought out of my head!

Anyway, I now have “my programme” which is Top Chef.

I have no idea which series it is or how far behind we are but in some sort of masochistic way I love watching it and seeing all the fabulous meals and ingredients which I can’t find here. The contestants run around Whole Foods store looking for amazing products whilst I sit on my sofa munching a cracker with Dominican soap like cheese.

The programme is on at 3pm and I spend all morning looking forward to watching it. However, like everything here, nothing quite goes to plan.

Take this week for example. Sunday I turned the television on just before 3 and then on came “Marvels Agents of Shield” which is guns and shooting and I never watch programmes like that. The programme guide said it was Top Chef, but it wasn’t. It lied. I waited in case the man who puts the programme on realized he had put the wrong tape on, and changed it for Top Chef. He didn’t.

Monday the same routine. Turned television on, and this time it was Grey’s Anatomy. I checked the programme guide and yes, there was a marathon of Grey’s Anatomy programmed. No Top Chef.

Tuesday, yay, Top Chef was on. Then a storm came in and the clouds were so thick that the satellite signal kept going. In fact the signal only came back for the adverts which was most annoying.

Wednesday I missed it as I was out, Thursday I saw it and Friday the electricity went off from noon to 7.30 at night so I missed it again. Fingers crossed there are no issues today although by now the series might even have finished.

Two pieces of good news this week. Twelve baby chicks have hatched and are living in the basement. There is another hen in there too sitting on more eggs. I have no idea what the plan is for these chicks but at the moment we are getting around 6 eggs a day.

And the other piece of news is that not only has Chivirico passed his second year at school he was also awarded top student and has a certificate which says he has the merit award for  showing integrity, honesty, dedication and sharing.

Great news isn’t it?


  1. It is indeed great news, Lindsay, and surely a great deal of the credit is yours. Well done, and give Chivirico a congratulatory hug*** from one of his Auntie Lindsay's friends in the Cayman Islands. (Assuming his geography is good enough to know where that is!)
    *** Well - ahem, ahem - a manly handshake will do, if he's a macho man!

  2. Congratulations to Chivirico and to you too of course Lindsay!
    Here in Australia we have "Masterchef" and "My kitchen rules" cooking shows. I just find that it's all so elaborate, it's too much for a common person to replicate, but well done to them for doing it! Apart from those there are a dozen other chefs demonstrating their skills and recipes, far too much...

  3. Felicidades Chivirico !! El estudio es lo más importante para PROGRESAR en la vida conjuntamente con los VALORES ! - Nunca te desanimes !