Friday, July 7, 2017

The new book has arrived - Life After My Saucepans

At last the new book as arrived. Years in the writing, which was not easy. Many people, having read What About Your Saucepans? asked me when I was going to write a new book, as they wanted to know the rest of the story. I put off starting it as I wasn't sure it would be very interesting - given we were not being hunted by gun toting crazy folk, and I hadn't been shot, but in the end I decided to give in to the pressure and give it a go.

When I write, for me it is like going to the toilet. I think about something for days, and wait till I am bursting to write it down, and put finger to keyboard and then the words just fly across the page. It is as much relief as when you are dying to go for a pee and you have to wait and wait and wait, and then the relief is indescribable. It took a while, as sometimes it took a while to get inspiration and some things were hard to write about, and in fact I cannot re-read some parts of it, even now.

So what is the book about? 

It starts where the first book left off, and goes up to the current day - well about 6 weeks ago! It is about me, and Danilo and life off the grid in the mountains - which is very different to life in the town or a tourist area. For the fans of Chivirico he stars throughout.

There is more information on sanky pankies and relationships with Dominican men, and more about Dominican culture.

Who should read it?

Well, those who enjoyed the first book should enjoy this one I hope, and anyone who wants to know more about the Dominican Republic, either who is thinking of moving here, or who lives here already and wants to expand their knowledge about the country, the people and the places. For those married to, or in a relationship with a Dominican I think you will enjoy reading it together, and laughing as the Dominican remembers days in the campo and can tell you all about them. Those thinking of living off the grid may also enjoy it, and those frustrated with first world living and all the stress that brings.

What do people say about it?

There were three pre-production reviews - all by fellow authors, for which I am very grateful.

Jack Scott, author of Turkey Street and Perking the Pansies.

“As Lindsay de Feliz explains with unflinching honesty in her gutsy follow-up to What About Your Saucepans?, the Dominican Republic takes no prisoners. From the outset, we find the author ensconced in her dusty roadside house with Danilo, her Dominican husband, two stepsons, a dwindling back account, a growing menagerie of cats and dogs and swarms of voracious mosquitos. Things start to look up when they move lock, stock and barrel to the superior sounding ‘Pink House’, even if the cooker has to be wheeled round to the new house in a wonky wheelbarrow. But when blocked showers, troublesome septic tanks, a stroppy local ‘witch’ and an unscrupulous vet who moonlights as a taxidermist all take their toll, it becomes clear that this is no ordinary tale about living the dream.
Life After My Saucepans is packed with warmth and infectious humour, even when the clan moves to a pile in the mountains that needs pretty much everything: walls, windows, doors and gates – not to mention an emergency wasp fumigator. We witness in full technicolour the ups and downs of life in Wasp House, the drama and corruption of Dominican politics, the expat women suffering at the hands of their polygamous ‘sankies’, the lush, mountainous landscapes, the pig-roasts, the traditional Noche Buena feasts and a succession of madcap, local eccentrics. In Chivirico, a five-year-old barefooted boy who proudly announces he will be the author’s bodyguard, we get a touching and poignant relationship that tugs at the heartstrings from the outset. And in the end, it’s the life-affirming human interest stories that make this book special. Lindsay de Feliz tells it as it is, warts and all, but it’s her affection for her adopted country and the people around her that shines through.”

IlanaBenady, co-author of Expat FAQs: Moving to and Living in the Dominican Republic, Culture Smart: The Essential Guide to Customs & Culture in the Dominican Republic, and Aunt Clara’s Dominican Cookbook

“Fans of What About Your Saucepans? – the book and the blog – won’t be disappointed. Life After My Saucepans is another enjoyable and engaging glimpse into life in the Dominican Republic as seen through Lindsay’s sympathetic eyes. The setting, the story and the people will come alive in your imagination whether or not you know the country. The simple pleasures and niggling irritations, and the tragedies and triumphs, both great and small, are described with the honesty, empathy and deadpan humour that Lindsay’s readers have come to know and love.”

And Margarita Vallazza, author of El FrutoMezclado – Mixed Fruit

“Lindsay’s new book is a combination of amusing adventures and sorrowful occurrences. The book carries forward the story of her new life in the Dominican Republic. All is not a ‘live happily ever after’ fairy tale in the Caribbean paradise as there is always something or someone to trip up our Happy family to try to prevent them from fulfilling their destiny. In the end, though, Love triumphs in the de Feliz (aka Happy) family.”

“Read this book to learn what has happened to the Happy (Feliz) family in their new location. Lindsay’s personality comes through in her writing. I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic and, thanks to the realism of Lindsay’s writing, I want to visit and see the places she’s told us about.”

Since publication there has been one published review on

"For anyone remotely curious about life in the DR 'off the beaten track' please start here! Lindsay de Feliz reveals her personal experience with honesty, compassion and unrelenting love for the island."

Where to buy it

The book is available on all of the Amazon sites in Kindle and paperback versions. It has only just been published so it may take a couple of days for the paperback versions to arrive. It is also available in other digital versions such as iPad, Kobo, Nook on Smashwords. It should soon also be available in Barnes and Noble and Waterstones.

I am arranging for some books to be sent to me here, which could take a month or so and then will do a countrywide tour to sign them and meet people. Once that is sorted I will let you know.

In the meantime, I do hope you buy it and even more, I really hope you enjoy it. As blog readers you will know some of the events, but the book delves much deeper into what happened.



  1. Well done, Lindsay. Some sparkling reviews if I do say so myself! And the paperback has just been made available at Barnes and Noble.

  2. Glad it see that it's available on as well.

  3. Thanks Sami and yes is in Chapters too.