Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's getting hotter

As usual at this time of year it is getting hotter both in the day and the night. So it is time to get the fans out. Some people have air conditioning, but I never seemed to get on very well with it. I always had noisy ones that would keep you awake, or drippy ones that flooded the bedroom. Also you can't use them when the mains electricity is off as most are 220 volts so the inverter won't run them, and finally they cost a fortune to run.

So I am a fan girl now. One of the main advantages with fans is as well as keeping you cool, they keep the mosquitoes away. You can  have a ceiling fan and they often have a light underneath. I have had problems with these too, as they never seem to be balanced properly and not only go round and round but also swing wildly from side to side when they are working, so I am always afraid that they will come loose from the ceiling and chop me into little pieces in the middle of the night. Or that the light bit will fall off and shower me with glass.

So I am a stand up fan person. They have the advantage you can move them around, but for some reason they don't last very long. Of course, as always the Dominicans can fix them. This is the one in the bedroom, and as you can see it has a broom stick at the back to keep it together and wire wrapped around to keep the buttons held in. But it works brilliantly.

Of course, with true Dominican ingenuity if you really want you can combine the cool air of air conditioning with the efficiently and lower running cost of a fan.

Don't you just love this country, where when you go to bed at night you can't help but have a smile on your face just from looking at your bedroom fan!


  1. I see some cool air plastic bottles are on the electric fans, they sound dangerous to me. I will prefer to bring my own probate air conditioners in my future apartment in DR someday.

  2. They sound dangerous but they do work! Some people use bags of ice too!

  3. Lol
    interesting your site :)

  4. I am dominican and Ilive here and I have to tell you is my first time i see this kind of thing a fan with ice? is new for me

  5. I hope you have good insulation. Perhaps it might be safer if the ice and water was positioned in front of the fan and separate from the electricity :)