Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your questions answered

Many people come to this blog by searching on Google or other search engines  looking for specific answers to questions about the Dominican Republic. Often I see the questions and would like to answer them, and so this post will do just that and hopefully the person who asked will return and see the answers. These are from the last two days!

Q. Do Dominicans eat cats?
A. I should point out that I am a major cat lover, but I assume when people are hungry they will eat anything, and I have had a few cats disappear never to return. It is said that Haitians are more likely to eat cats than Dominicans, but there was a man where I last lived called Comegato (Cat eater) and he definitely ate them, as each time he had had a tasty snack he would wear the decapitated head around his neck on a piece of string.

This one is for the Dominicans!

Q. What are Dominican men like?
A. I have loads of questions like this and it is not an easy one to generalise about as they are not all the same just like any other nationality.  The good points are that most are easy going, fun loving, and caring.  The bad points are that their time keeping is usually appalling, and some have problems with telling the truth!

Q. Do Dominican women ask for money?
A. Yes most do, especially if you are a rich foreign man.

Q. Why are Dominican men good looking?
A. According to my husband it is due to the mix of African, Indian and Spanish blood, and the fact that they eat lots of plantain bananas. Personally I think it is in the genes (and jeans).

Q. Would habichuela con dulce still be good to eat if its been in the fridge for a week.
A. Not if it is in my fridge as that is switched off when we have no street power which is 12 hours a day at the moment.

Q.  Where can I buy propane gas tanks for bbq in Rio de Janeiro?
A. Can’t help with that one.  Sorry.

Q. Are Dominican men jealous?
A. Many are yes. It is a macho society and if a Dominican man thinks that his wife or girlfriend has another lover the results can be catastrophic. Just this week a young man shot his girlfriend dead and then killed himself and events such as this happen often. Don't mess with a Dominican.

More answers to your questions next month!


  1. Wow, interesting post--I love posts like this where you can actually learn a lot in a short space of time about a different country, like how you have to deal with 12 hour electrical cuts!

    1. Thanks Michelloui. We have an inverter and 12 batteries but as the cuts are so long - sometimes up to 20 hours at a time, we have to keep consumption to a minimum then or sit in darkness! The highest consumer is the fridge so that gets turned off and we just hope things stay cold - they usually do unless one of the kids forgets to shut the door properly - a daily occurrence grrrrrrrr.

  2. Lindsay, I laughed about the cats. When we lived in New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) in the South Pacific in the 1970s, most of the small stores were run by Vietnamese, famous or notorious as cat-eaters. Their shops also used to sell very tasty snacks called "nems" - sort of home-made spring-rolls - with ingredients that could have been anything. We were cat-people, and every time a cat of ours disappeared we stopped buying nems for a week or two or until the memory faded. It was the least we could do, right?

    1. Totally agree. I loved nems but won't eat them again now!

  3. Oh no, I´m a cat lover, with 5 cats, I couldn´t live there then, worried my cats would be killed for food. I don´t eat rabbits either, maybe because they look similar to cats. My granny kept chickens in Portugal and I remember visiting her and she would kill a chicken, and then I wouldn´t eat it. So unless it came from the supermarket where I hadn´t seen its feathers could I eat chicken. I love that Dominican clock with the saying - quite funny!

    1. Sami I was like you re only eating meat in packets, cellophane wrapped. Unfortunately it doesnt come like that where I live, so I just have to close my eyes and pretend. No I don't eat rabbit either!

  4. This post was SOOO interesting!! Love the Q and A! I think it's qutite comical how people end up on your site!

    1. There are odd ones most days! Lots from India!