Monday, January 27, 2014

Dominican duck pond

So last week it was decided to go and steal posters from the side of the road advertising bands who had already appeared and the date had passed. Luckily a neighbour offered to be the getaway driver so I managed to get out of doing that job. He collected loads.

I thought they were going to be the roof but apparently the chickens and ducks don't fly if you snip their wings so the new improved hen house didn't need a roof and the guinea fowl are staying in the little original one.

So the posters are the back wall. The new hen house is the size of a tennis court and includes part of the gym and my outside sink - minus plugs, taps and water supply. I can't see it making its way into the utility room any time soon.
And now onto the duck pond. Danilo agreed that the ducks needed a pond, and once again I showed him a picture of a quintessentially British scene. The village duck pond.

No problem, he says. This is what we end up with.

Yes it is a wheelbarrow. The ducks are singularly unimpressed and so far have refused to jump into it. In the meantime the flock continues to grow. Danilo did the supermarket shop last week and managed to forget 50% of the list but instead brought back yet another hen. Apparently she was a bargain.

Puppies are slowly leaving us - two more went this week so two more to go. The cats will be very pleased to see the back of them as they have learned how to use the Dominican cat doors and stop the cats coming in.

They are great fun though and Chivirico enjoyed playing with them this weekend.

I have visitors arriving on Sunday, two Canadians and a Dominican so there will be a fun week in store. I just hope they remember their ear plugs.


  1. I'd love to introduce Danilo to my architect. Freddy spent all morning shopping for the right shade of duck-egg blue grout to put in the jacuzzi as the architect isn't happy with the shade we used. I'd love to see his face with Danilos' duck pond.

  2. Maybe if the "duck pond" was at floor level the ducks might be eager to jump in. The puppies are so cute. Enjoy the visitors.

    1. I agree Sami. I did point that out but he thought it would be a bit difficult to bury the wheelbarrow.

  3. lol you are a very patient woman and your husband has a very vivid imagination. The posters do bring a touch of colour to the new hen house though...

    1. I think they look quite nice - once you get used to them.