Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where is my internet?

I have internet through a stick. Well my husband calls it an estick. It is a thingy that I plug into my computer and hey presto I have internet.You can tell I am technical.  It is not fast but it works and is portable so even on the beach I can be online. It was very useful two days ago when we had no electricity,and the battery went in laptop, so I went and sat in the colmado on a beer crate, balanced my lap top on a box of oil and was on line courtesy of my estick.

Anyway I decided I needed a faster line and a wifi in the house so husband and stepkids could also have internet. At the moment they have to wait till I go to bed and then they nick my estick. Went to the internet office Claro, filled in the forms for a fixed line and they said no problems you will have internet in 5 working days. A month went past and they decided I had to pay a deposit. I paid. Then we called Claro and they said your line will be in by Monday. Monday arrived and nothing. Called again and they said the order had been cancelled as I hadn't paid. Back to the office. All was fine, and they promised order sorted and would have fixed line by Friday.

Today is Thursday. Man from Claro arrives and says the lines come from a post with a box on it. I can see the post from my house.  But the box is full. It has plugs in it for the lines and all the plugs have lines? So there are no empty plugs.  There is another box but it is too far away so sorry I have to just live with my estick!

I really am convinced I am living 50 years ago. We need one of these ladies here to sit outside the box and plug us all in when we need to be online. Must have been a great job listening to everyone's conversations. Anyway until I can persuade Claro otherwise will just have to live with my estick.


  1. How frustrating that must be, it really must feel as if you're living in the 19th century!

  2. It is frustrating! But there were so many good things about past centuries so we have them too. Like no processed food and neighbours looking out for each other. But you are right - it is doing my head in!

  3. OMG! So not surprising... When I moved from Santiago to La Romana, I was outraged that it took nearly 4 weeks to have my phone line... Then long distance capabilities on it... Then finally my internet... And, then, loved my house in La Romana because I had an inverter which allowed me to surf the net cuando se fue la luz!!!

    1. Ha! Great thing about the estick is you can use it when se fue la luz! Trouble is lap top battery has stopped working so I have internet but no computer. Such is life - sigh.