Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Isaac

This month for my Expat Focus column I wrote about hurricanes. You can read the full article here. In the article I mentioned that so far this year we have had no hurricanes - yes you have guessed it, I should have kept my mouth shut, as Tropical Storm Isaac has formed and is projected to be Hurricane Isaac by the time it reaches us on Friday.

Today's picture of Tropical Storm Isaac

It is projected to pass very near to the south coast of the island and the whole of the south coast is now under a hurricane warning. The north coast is under a tropical storm warning and as I am in the middle no doubt we will get something between the two. It looks at the minute as if Isaac will make landfall to the west of the capital and pass straight over Haiti, which is the last thing Haiti needs.

Meanwhile the expats are running around, stocking up, making sure the car has fuel, candles are at the ready and they have plenty of food and drink, and tourists planning to come to the island on holiday are rapidly changing their plans.

However, I mention it in the local colmado and the Dominicans are very laid back and seem to be taking no notice of it at all and I see no evidence of all the zinc roofs being battened down, so hopefully they won't go flying through the air.

You can see Isaac and soon to be named Joyce right behind him

It also appears that hurricanes are like buses. None at all and then they all come at once, as behind Isaac is soon to be named Joyce. We could be in for a double whammy and the only advantage seems to be that some areas of the country will have some much needed rain, and the mosquitoes will disappear at least temporarily as one of the things they dislike is wind, and there will be plenty of that.


  1. Dear Lindsay,
    I hope the storms don't create too much havoc and that you were spared the recent flu outbreaks. We seem so safe here along the Delaware River. Last year 3 floods gorced our evacuation and this year none so far. Instead some of us have planted gardens and I await the full bloom of sunflowers which I planted for my dayghter's wedding. Take Care, Janet

  2. Sunflowers sound lovely. It looks like the storm will be closer and stronger than anticipated along the south coast, so I think it will cause some havoc there, and they have ordered the closing of the airports on Friday. I will be fine here as we are much further inland and further away from the eye of the storm.