Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Dominican in the USA

Husband gone to America for a month to study. He was very excited as the last time he went to the US it was as part of a karate team and they weren't allowed to leave where they were staying apart from when being transported to the tournament.

He messages me every day, in English.
Me: How is the food?
Him: Morole
Me: Is it cold?
Him: Esokey. Only sontay.
Me: It's very hot here
Him: Ansory.
Me: Bye
Him: Si you leta

Speak in a Dominican accent and you should be able to work it out!
Anyway, having arrived on the course along with 18 other Dominicans, they have been told they cannot leave the place where the course is being held either. No going out, no visitors. I assume those in charge think they will all run away and disappear. Those on student visas are never allowed to leave and those with full visitors visas such as my husband, can have 2 days off in the month. They eat Dominican food, and he was looking forward to burgers and steak. Such a shame that all those students really looking forward to seeing the US will only see the airport.


  1. What a great shame the Americans take this attitude. Why bother hosting a course if you are going to treat people like this?

    The Americans are so hospitable...

  2. I think it is the course leader, who is Dominican saying it, as he will be in big trouble if the students do a runner!

  3. What a pity students aren´t allowed to see the country, and mix with the locals, what´s the point then? In Australia students come with a special visa that entitles them to work 20h week and they can stay for the duration of the course (for which they pay handsomely)!! And they can travel and get to know the country too of course.