Monday, November 25, 2013

The Dominican garden

This weekend was gardening weekend. All sorts of flowers are beginning to bloom so it feels like Spring which is most odd as Christmas is only around the corner. I have no idea where any of these flowers have come from. As well as all the tropical flowers such as bougainvillea and hibiscus and loads I don't know the name of, we have English country garden spring flowers such as tulips.

Please note that the hanging baskets are still there aka half plastic coke bottles.
We also have something masquerading as a daffodil – no idea what it is but is very pretty.

I am redoing all the vegetables hoping for more success this time around as it is cooler. Here are peas, broccoli, carrots, parsley, courgettes and si Dios quiere, parsnips.

 I was feeling quite impressed with the peas, until I realized that the trees we have all over the place are Dominican pea trees.

They are all flowering in red and orange so look very pretty and they are now covered in peas.

Interestingly the pea pods are much thinner than English pea pods which might account for the fact that Dominican peas are harder, dryer and much less sweet than English peas.

According to the neighbours the peas will all be ready just in time for the Christmas dinner, which Dominicans have on Christmas Eve. Rice and peas to go with the pork.
We also have plenty of pumpkins all over the place.

And even one odd shaped cucumber.

The weeding is never ending – you need a man, a machete and his Marigolds.

Luckily Chivirico was here for the weekend to help. Unfortunately he will only plant what he likes to eat and in common with most Dominican 7 year olds that does not include salad vegetable or any type of green vegetable. So having given him a whole range of things to plant like cauliflower, lettuce, tomatoes, he announced that he had planted corn as it is the only thing he likes. Now waiting for 8 packets of corn to sprout.

The cushions are still on the sofa, but as suspected Belinda has now left her sofa with her blanket on it and moved onto the other sofas. I put a pink pillow case on to try and stop them getting too dirty, and the clever little madam carries it around with her and just puts in on each sofa she wants to lie on.

She has worked out it should be on the sofa but is hopeless at spreading it out on top of the cushions.


  1. Clever dog! Good luck with all the planting.

    1. Thanks Sami. She is now not so clever as thinks she should put anything and everything on the sofa so spends all day looking for things. Currently covered with tea towels!

  2. Ah, the joy of growing things! I've moved around quite a bit and I love seeing what will grow, sprout out and bloom in a new garden. My tropical garden in Ghana, West Africa, was a treasure trove of fabulously exotic blooms. I never found out the name of several of them. I love planting vegetables when I have the chance. Good luck with yours!

  3. Dominican peas are BEANS and are to be fully boiled, they are mixed with rice (after boiled and seasoned). I think the PEAS that you mention, if like American Peas - the sweet kind, can be eaten by themselves, and used in Salads, no ? Dominican Peas/Beans = GUANDULES, are to be put in water with salt in order to get rid of the ochre-milky flavor. There is the soft green (from the tree to the kitchen) and the dry brown (harvested and not use immediately - that need more water to recoup water content). I love Peas steamed and then dropped in butter with a hint of honey and garlic !