Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The heat goes on

Another three weeks disappeared in a flash.

We are in the middle of a heatwave which has been going on for 2 months now, with only a couple of days of rain which is strange as we are supposed to be in the rainy season. During the day temperatures are in the 90s even here in the mountains and apart from the heat we have no water.

The whole country is experiencing the drought and we normally get water delivered every 2 weeks by pipeline but now they are delivering none at all so we have to buy it from the water truck. This is not cheap. It costs RD$1600 which is around US$40 for enough water to last a couple of weeks and that is without watering the garden or washing the cars.

I have no idea where the water trucks get the water from or if they have to pay for it. One thing is for sure and that is that someone somewhere is getting rich from the drought. We buy water to drink and that costs RD$30 for a five gallon bottle and we use two a week. In some parts of the country, where they can't afford a whole truck load and they have no access to a river, they buy the drinking water to use to shower and wash dishes. Now the price of drinking water is also going up - in some instances up to RD$100 for a bottle. A three fold increase.

However a two edged sword might solve the water problem. This has been a very quiet hurricane season but there is a potential one on the horizon to be named Bertha if she develops. Just in time for two visitors i have arriving on Wednesday for a week.

We have spent the last week cleaning house and garden in preparation for the arrival of 2 of the sisters from DRsisterhood. All of the local men are beside themselves with excitement and sprucing themselves up hoping to get lucky! One even sent round yuca, mangoes and avocados hoping it would improve his chances.

I will report back after they have left. All sorts of things are planned like going to a concert, day out at the river, sitting in a park eating empanadas and they will be bring loads of US and Canadian food with them including the all important Cadbury chocolate so I can't wait! Chivirico is beside himself with excitement and has been collecting eggs each day and baking.

Watch this space - even the dogs are watching and waiting!


  1. Better find out where your water comes from, Lindsay. I've read reports of water being delivered by tankers that is full of dysentery germs and the like. I wish you well, and good health!

  2. Hope the rain comes soon! I love the picture of the dogs looking out the balcony. Enjoy your visitors and all the goodies they are bringing!