Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Holiday in Sosúa and the North Coast - Part 2

We reached Casa de Compai and the rain was coming down steadily but it looked like a nice place to stay – clean and bright. Our condo was the one upstairs with the balcony.

I have stayed in several apartments and condos here and while they have always been  fine, they were always very Dominican with wires on the outside of the walls and basic facilities. So that is what I was expecting.

We ran through the rain, up the stairs to the apartment, being surprised the floor was not slippery with all the rain, and walked in the door – then looked at each other in shock. We were not in a Dominican apartment, we were in a 5 star Manhattan high rise! It was a total OMG moment.

There was a grey and black granite top in the kitchen.

Top of the range fridge, Panasonic microwave and every imaginable gadget – even a toaster and a blender. I was prepared to have to go out and buy coffee, sugar and water - it was all provided.

The living room was spacious, and (don’t laugh) my first ever sighting of a real flat screen TV.

Comfy sofas, spacious balcony with mahogany chairs, rather than the usual plastic. Beautiful slidey windows and patio doors, all with top of the range screens.

There were plenty of fluffy towels – which we would need with the rain, and the bedrooms were lovely too.

So was the bathroom.

We really could not have asked for more - talk about exceeding expectations.

I had a hair appointment with Julia, the wife of a Russian man who had done some translating for me, at 5 pm so we headed off towards the area the salon was, hoping to find some food on the way. We were not having much luck, but Julia had said that the salon was in a shopping plaza above a café called Fresh Fresh.

The fact it said it was a café meant there must be food, so we went there and it had an extensive menu and absolutely delicious food. All fresh and healthy and lovely. We both had wraps, Michelle with chicken and me prawns ( something I had not had for a while and a big treat) which really were to die for.

The rain even stopped long enough to eat outside and then it was upstairs to the hairdressers.
The sign on the door was a tad off putting – couldn’t imagine coming out looking like that – but I hadn’t had a hair cut for over a year, apart from when Danilo massacred my fringe, and it was over 7 years since a professional had cut my hair, so this was a special treat.

Julia’s English was much better than my Russian which consists of hello, goodbye, please and thank you, I speak Russian (which I don’t) and I love you. None of which are particularly useful for describing how you want your hair. I did the actions for I have no hairdryer, no flat iron, I just want to wash it and leave it, oh and look cute.

Julia and Michelle

She did an amazing job – I would say the best haircut I have ever had! Julia is a total genius when it comes to cutting hair.

Me and Michelle
I was so impressed I even took my first selfie!

We went home and the rain started again and the roads were beginning to flood around the apartment

so we decided not to venture too far to eat and went to la Costera just at the end of the road.

The menu was extensive with a whole page dedicated to imported steak and that was just what I wanted. Michelle and I took a while to decide exactly which steak to have and I was salivating – until the waitress said that they didn’t have any of them. They did, however have one Dominican steak so we had that and it was good.

Back home to bed. Not any old bed, Sealy mattress and some sort of thing on top of the mattress (no idea of technical word), which made it even more comfortable and fabulous pillows.

Sleep came immediately.

Part 3 tomorrow.


  1. Looks like you had a great day (well deserved) :-)

  2. Well, you look cute, Lindsay. That's the main thing, right?!

    1. Thanks Gordon! And yes that is the main thing lol.

  3. Nice hair cut.
    When it rains it really makes a dent over there!

    1. It does - and getting worse day by day still.

  4. "pillow top" on the mattress...heaven! Love your haircut! Isn't it the best when expectations are exceeded?

    1. It certainly is re expectations and I thought might be pillow top but it's a mattress not a pillow!! Thanks re haircut I love it too.

  5. Hello Lindsay, the type of mattress are pillow tops. Every unit has the same mattress. Casa de Compai.