Friday, November 18, 2016

Holiday to Sosúa and the North Coast- Part 5

As I said yesterday, the sun came out for a while the following morning so we went off to explore and we were able to see exactly what the cabin was like.

I rarely feel as if I am in the Caribbean for some reason, maybe as the island is so big, but Tubagua and the way it is built using different woods and plants and all hand made, makes you feel like you are back in the time of the Taino Indians.

It was lush and green.

The villa had a bedroom with a mosquito net and plenty of cupboard space – the slats on the windows all closed completely as well.

The living area had a super comfy couch, with plenty of books provided where you could curl up (minus the dog) and spend a lazy afternoon.

The bathroom was rustic, basic but functional with a hot and powerful shower.

And look at how beautiful the roof is.

As night fell and we were above the clouds, you really felt on top of the world,

watching the lights slowly come on down in the valley.

After another superb meal of salad, vegetables, beans and barbecued chicken it was off to bed ready for the trip home the next day.

The following morning, before we left  I was thinking that, having visited the whole country, this really was the perfect place to live. It had “to die for” views, beaches within 20 minutes and Puerto Plata and Sosúa the same distance away with international schools, the international airport, international supermarkets, great restaurants and health care, so I mentioned this to Tim. He suggested I might want to see his next project which is right next to Tubagua on the same piece of land. There he has 10 lots for sale, each of 650 square meters and should you want to purchase one, you don't just get a chunk of land,  Tim will build you a little villa, just like the one we stayed in, so it is move in ready until and if you want to build your very own eco house.

One of the eco-houses Tim has built

It really is the perfect spot. Tim wants to keep it all ecologically friendly, but what an amazing community this will be. Fresh running stream water, no need for air conditioners or even fans, privacy, at one with nature but with friends and company on your doorstep if you need it. The price of the land with your very own little villa is US$40,000, less if you would prefer just to pitch a tent in the short term. If you want to know more just email Tim here. And no, I am not on commission but if I didn't already have my own mountain abode - this is where I would live.

I wish I could have seen more of the area when I was there - gone on a hike to the waterfalls, visited the amber mines, but the weather was against us. That gives me a great reason to return, For those of you who live in the DR and who have not been to Tubagua you simply must go and see more of what the country has to offer. I have lived in a beach/tourist area, and in a town, and now in a mountain campo which is by far my favourite - but Tubagua takes it to a different level.

In the Taino language, the native Indians who lived in the Dominican Republic prior to the arrival of Columbus, “Tubagua” means an abundance of water. Well we certainly had that but there is a sign on the wall of Tubagua, in the main eating/social room saying Mi Bagua es Tu Bagua. Definitely My Home is Your Home is perfect for Tubagua.

Final part tomorrow.